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About George Chuang


George Chuang was a devout Buddhist before he became a Christian.  As a child, he spent many hours sitting in front of Buddhist shrines chanting mantras.  When he was seventeen years old he suddenly became very depressed because he couldn't find the meaning of life.  Everything in life appeared to be empty. To him it was a cycle of rising in the morning, studying at school, and then sleeping at night only to be repeated again the next day.  He realized this cycle would carry on through college and upon graduation it would only be changed to rising, working, and sleeping, then repeated the next day. And after many years, one day you die, leaving everything behind.  So he wondered, what is the meaning of life.  This could not possibly be the reason why man exists on earth.


So as a seventeen-year-old he began to take walks late at night when the city was asleep, and all was quiet around him, wondering what is the meaning of life.  Then one evening, he gazed up at the stars and saw the vast expanse of the heavens.  He knew in his heart there was a God out there somewhere and he wanted to know Him. So he prayed, "Most High God, whoever You are.  I don't know You, but You know me.  Help me to find You, so that I can worship You."  And with that prayer he was content because deep in his heart he knew that the Most High God was able to hear him.  If He was not able to hear his prayer then He was not the greatest and the most powerful of the gods. Suddenly, from that time on an intense burning desire began to stir in his heart.  A burning in his soul that told him he needed to get to a church. Within a few weeks a friend suddenly invited him to church.  When he arrived at church, he knew deep within that he had found the Most High God and he gave his life over to the Lord Jesus soon after.


Although George attended a bible college, he received the Lord's ministry training at USC (University of Suffering in China) and then received further theological training at MIT (Mulling in Taiwan).  He is currently living somewhere in Asia.  


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