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Unravel mysteries found in the book of Revelation and other hard to understand end time events.

First Seal - A Rider on a White Horse

Who is the rider?  A close examination on the rider and his identity.  There are many reasons why he cannot be the antichrist.

The Two Witnesses

Who are the two witnesses?  Can they be Moses and Elijah?  Do the scriptures allow for saints in heaven to return to earth and continue an earthly ministry?

Elijah of Malachi 4

Who is the promised Elijah of Malachi 4?

The Forerunner

What is the purpose of the forerunner? Why does he come to prepare the way of the Lord?  

The Marriage of the Lamb and the Rapture

When does the marriage of the Lamb take place?  

The Scroll and the Seven Seals

What is the scroll and what are the seven seals.

rider on the white horse, who rides the white horse in revelation
who are the two witnesses, when will the two witnesses appear
when does elijah come, when will elijah appear
The Lamb opens the 7 seals
After the rapture comes the marriage of the lamb
Number 17 the restoration of all things, perfection, and its relation to Elijah the prophet
The Number Seventeen

The meaning of the number 17 and its significance.

The Seven Churches

What are the seven churches and who are the angels to the seven churches?

A forerunner must first come to prepare the people for the Lord
America in Bible Prophecy

Where is the USA in bible prophecy? What does the bible say about America?

Where can the USA be found in the bible?  What does the bible say about America?
Who are the seven messengers to the seven churches in Revelation
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