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America in Bible Prophecy

The USA is currently the most powerful empire on earth.  Many wonder if God included America in bible prophecy.  The answer is: "Yes!" Now the question is: "Where?"  How did God name and write about a nation that did not exist.  To solve this dilemma we need to understand spiritual names.  God sometimes gives nations spiritual names.  


Rev 11:8

And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.


The Lord was crucified in Jerusalem, so we know its spiritual name is Sodom and Egypt. That's what the Lord says whether you like it or not.  


Rev 17:5

And on her forehead a name was written:



Mystery Babylon is also an end time nation that did not exist during the writing of the scriptures.


To find America we need to understand the mystery of the thirteen tribes of Israel.  Yes, there are indeed thirteen tribes in Israel but God will only ever recognize them as the twelve tribes of Israel.  


The Thirteen Tribes of Israel According to Order of Birth

1. Reuben

2. Simeon

3. Levi

4. Judah

5. Dan

6. Naphtali

7. Gad

8. Asher

9. Issachar

10. Zebulun

11. Benjamin

12. Manasseh

13. Ephraim

Now one must ask:

"Why did God create thirteen tribes in Israel but yet will only recognize them as twelve tribes?"


Jacob split Joseph up into two tribes.  Then he adopted Joseph's two children and made them his own under the guidance of God.  The last to be born was Ephraim, making him the thirteenth tribe.


Some bible teachers say the reason there are thirteen tribes in Israel is because Joseph was split into two.  That's nice, but that tells us nothing.  We know how thirteen came about. What needs to be known is the reason for it's creation.


Other bible teachers say there are thirteen tribes because Levi didn't get land distributed to them in Israel.  So does that mean Levi is no longer a tribe in Israel because they didn't get land?  Nonsense!  Levi is always included in the listing of the twelve tribes.

So Why Thirteen?

God does everything for a reason.  When God does something you don't understand, your prophecy ears should be up and alert.  The creation of the thirteenth tribe is to symbolize an end time nation whose number is thirteen.  The spiritual name for this nation is Ephraim. This is NOT replacement theology where this nation replaces Ephraim.  This is the spiritual name for this end time nation.


So which nation has the number 13 attached to it?


The USA!


God created America with thirteen original colonies.  He could have started the nation with any number of colonies but He specifically preordained the number thirteen to be attached to America.

America's number is 13

The original American flag of 1777 with 13 stars and 13 stripes.

The original 13 colonies.

Let's take a look at the Great Seal of the United States.

America and the number 13

An olive branch with:

13 leaves

13 olives

13 stars above the eagle's head.

13 letters in:  E PLURIBUS UNUM

13 arrows in its talon's

A shield with

13 stripes

The Seal of the President of the United States is similar.

13 circular clouds

13 stars

13 letters

The Dollar Bill

13 letters in:  ANNUIT COEPTIS

13 layers of bricks in the pyramid, excluding the capstone

The seal we have already discussed

The number 13 is clearly attached to the USA.  No other nation has such an emphasis on the number 13.


Now what are the prophecies concerning the nation of Ephraim?

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