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America in Bible Prophecy

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America's Current Condition

Hos 4:17-18

“Ephraim is joined to idols,

Let him alone.

Their drink is rebellion,

They commit harlotry continually.

Her rulers dearly love dishonor."


Hos 5:3-7

"For now, O Ephraim, you commit harlotry;

Israel is defiled.

They do not direct their deeds

Toward turning to their God,

For the spirit of harlotry is in their midst,

And they do not know the LORD.

The pride of Israel testifies to his face;

Therefore Israel and Ephraim stumble in their iniquity;

Judah also stumbles with them.

With their flocks and herds

They shall go to seek the LORD,

But they will not find Him;

He has withdrawn Himself from them.

They have dealt treacherously with the LORD,

For they have begotten pagan children.

Now a New Moon shall devour them and their heritage."


Hos 5:10-12

"I will pour out My wrath on them like water.

Ephraim is oppressed and broken in judgment,

Because he willingly walked by human precept.

Therefore I will be to Ephraim like a moth."


Hos 5:14-15

"For I will be like a lion to Ephraim,

And like a young lion to the house of Judah.

I, even I, will tear them and go away;

I will take them away, and no one shall rescue.

I will return again to My place

Till they acknowledge their offense.

Then they will seek My face;

In their affliction they will earnestly seek Me."



America loves worldly pleasures.  This is what the people worship.  America's number is 13, the number for rebellion, for their drink is rebellion.














Many Americans go to church but they will not find the presence of the Lord there. Many churches teach prosperity and wealth, the god which they worship.






American laws are broken because they walk after human wisdom.  They have taken the teachings of God out of the schools and out of the courts.

When the time comes, the Lord will begin to bring down the US and God will return to His place.  When America is afflicted the people will begin to seek His face.

Hos 6:4

“O Ephraim, what shall I do to you?

O Judah, what shall I do to you?

For your faithfulness is like a morning cloud,

And like the early dew it goes away.


Hos 7:8-16

"Ephraim has mixed himself among the peoples;

Ephraim is a cake unturned.

Aliens have devoured his strength,

But he does not know it;

Yes, gray hairs are here and there on him,

Yet he does not know it.

And the pride of Israel testifies to his face,

But they do not return to the LORD their God,

Nor seek Him for all this. 

Ephraim also is like a silly dove, without sense—

They call to Egypt,

They go to Assyria.

Wherever they go, I will spread My net on them;

I will bring them down like birds of the air;

I will chastise them

According to what their congregation has heard.

Woe to them, for they have fled from Me!

Destruction to them,

Because they have transgressed against Me!

Though I redeemed them,

Yet they have spoken lies against Me.

They did not cry out to Me with their heart

When they wailed upon their beds.

They assemble together for grain and new wine,

They rebel against Me;

Though I disciplined and strengthened their arms,

Yet they devise evil against Me;

They return, but not to the Most High."


Hos 8:11-12

"Because Ephraim has made many altars for sin,

They have become for him altars for sinning.

I have written for him the great things of My law,

But they were considered a strange thing."


Hos 9:11-13

As for Ephraim, their glory shall fly away like a bird—

No birth, no pregnancy, and no conception!

Though they bring up their children,

Yet I will bereave them to the last man.

Yes, woe to them when I depart from them!

Just as I saw Ephraim like Tyre, planted in a pleasant place,

So Ephraim will bring out his children to the murderer.”


Hos 12:1

"Ephraim feeds on the wind, 

And pursues the east wind;

He daily increases lies and desolation."


Hos 13:15

"Though he is fruitful among his brethren,

An east wind shall come;

The wind of the LORD shall come up from the wilderness.

Then his spring shall become dry,

And his fountain shall be dried up.

He shall plunder the treasury of every desirable prize."


Hos 12:8

"And Ephraim said,

‘Surely I have become rich,

I have found wealth for myself;

In all my labors

They shall find in me no iniquity that is sin.’"










Aliens are devouring America's strength but they don't realize the extent of the damage. They don't see the gray hairs that are there.



America has been getting weaker but they do not return to the Lord.




Wherever America goes God will bring them down.  He will chastise them.



The destruction and humiliation will come in God's time.








America has been strengthened and disciplined by God but they continue to devise evil against God and His ways.






The laws of God are becoming a strange thing.  Laws such as marriage between a man and a woman.


America's glory will soon fly away.





America is planted in a pleasant place.  It has no enemies at its borders and is between two great seas.






We see in the verse below that the east wind the US pursues is from the Lord.




The sudden rise of China is a work of God. The Lord will raise up China in the east and dry up America's spring.








America has become rich but does not yet acknowledge their sin.

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