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Malaysia Flights (MH370, MH17)

Watch the entire video or go straight to the math part at 9:10.

The Malaysia Flights Were a Sign From God!


MH370 Symbolized the rapture.  It vanished!

 - Incident on March 8, 2014

 - 239 onboard


MH17 Symbolized the great tribulation that comes after.  It was blown up!

 - Incident on July 17, 2014

 - 298 onboard


The sign of what's coming:

Estimated population on earth in 2014:  7.17 billion


 7.17  billion people

 1.8   billion people killed by the 3 horsemen.  1/4 of

        earth's population.

-2.39 billion raptured.  1/3 of earth's population.

 2.98 billion go into the great tribulation

        (those left behind)

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